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March 11th, 2018 – Freespace Happening – WKCD

Concerts Posted on Mon, February 12, 2018 18:45:50

We’re always thrilled when we get offered a chance to play at the West Kowloon Cultural District area. We’re still yet to play at a Clockenflap there but have always enjoyed the venue.

On March 11th, we get to be part of a 2 day seasonal festival which supports and promotes local bands, known as Freespace Happening. The people behind the scenes have always been extremely generous with us and have invited us to play on what has gone on to be some of our more favourite shows. We’re hoping for this to be no different.

Other bands featured across the two days:
Choi Sai Ho
Andy is Typing
Blood Wine or Honey
+ many more

See ya then. Bring your sunnies.

December 9th, 2017 – WE ARE ALL DREAMERS – Fringe Club

Concerts Posted on Mon, February 12, 2018 18:40:50

We have always tried to participate in as many charity events as possible. It’s not often however, that we get to see where the money that we help raise goes too. It was an absolute honour and a pleasure to help build a music school for less fortunate kids in Nepal, alongside our friends in LOVE ATTITUDE. Thanks for helping to invite us to perform for the Just Music crew and this fantastic charity. Looking forward to the next one.

October 26, 2017 – Shazza Music Showcase – The Wanch

Concerts Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 11:52:43

Shazza Music’s regular series hits it’s 100th show. We’re excited to be part of it!

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October 25, 2017 – Brandy Butler & The Broken Hearted (CH), Chochukmo & SP – KITEC Music Zone

Concerts Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 11:51:24

A unique opportunity to catch a talented indie jazz rock band from Zurich. Supported by HK’s Chochukmo and opened by yours truly.

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August 30, 2017 – The Black Heart Battalion (in support of Mental Health)

Concerts Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 11:49:59

I Wanted to let you know that we have got all the donations in and am proud to let you know that we have raised a total of HKD 6,787. We will be splitting this in half and therefore HKD 3,393.50 will go to both the Samaritans as well as the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong.

November 12, 2016 – Lamma Fun Day

Concerts Posted on Wed, October 19, 2016 11:41:56

The best show of the year, coming right up!

October 29, 2016 – Tango n Rock Mixer – The Hub, Wan Chai

Concerts Posted on Wed, October 19, 2016 11:40:26



Concerts Posted on Tue, August 02, 2016 22:08:08

Send us to Shanghai!!!

Post-show comment:

We are pleased to announce that Timmy won the prize of BEST VOCALIST! Go Timmy!!!

June 18, 2016 – SHOWTIME II – The Wanch

Weirdness Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016 17:14:04

This night is gonna kick fucking ass. Line up announced soon.

June 11, 2016 – Shotgun Politics live at Lamma Bar & Grill

Party Posted on Thu, May 05, 2016 12:11:24

We make our return to Lamma which always proves to be a crazyfest.

June 4, 2016 – Indie Rock Dance Party – HK Brewhouse

Concerts Posted on Thu, May 05, 2016 12:09:30

4 indie bands, one indie DJ. A saturday night in a sweaty LKF basement in LKF. All rock, all dance, all party.

+ Indie DJ Supersonic Iain

Part punk, part classic rock, part 80s indie, The Sleeves have taken their self-styled ‘Arcade Rock’ around the region, twice performed at Clockenflap and supported Gary Numan and Peaches in Macau. The band are currently finalising material for their second album to be recorded in Cambodia in July. Dirty power chords backed by frenetic drums with infectious pop melodies: Insert coins, press ‘Play’.

Big choruses, loud guitars and infectious performances have propelled Shotgun Politics from local clubs to playing for 10,000 people on tour in Canada. And the mission remains the same: to play every single show as if it’s their last. Coming from different backgrounds in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Singapore and Sweden Chengdu and Malmö, the four ‘Gunns’ bring influences from indie, punk-rock, alternative, metal and pop. The result … ‘Party Rock’ !

ShumKing Mansion play an intense blend of upbeat Dance Rock and Synth Pop with a Psychedelic energy. Described as “one of the most mesmeric new acts on Hong Kong circuit”, they’re a live band who engage crowds and project their intense sets with imagination and energy … Welcome to the Mansion !

From tripped out, psychedelic space rock to high octane garage rock, prepare to have your mind blown by the psycho-sonic explosion that is Psycho In Mongkok. With a globe-spanning line-up from Spain, Italy, Colombia and Australia, ‘The Psychos’ combine 60s garage rock with Ramones-style speed punk and pay tribute to the psychedelic sounds of the Floyd and The Beatles in a high energy dish best served live.

Iain is the founder of club night, supersonic, showcasing the best of British rock’n’roll and indie. He has provided DJ support to the Stereophonics, Carl Barat, The Vaccines, The Killers, Pete Doherty and the Happy Mondays, as well as dj-ing alongside the likes of Mani from the Stone Roses and Adam Ficek from Babyshambles. Iain’s tunes are loud and fast and will make you dance.

May 19, 2016 – UNDERGROUND 118 – Orange Peel

Concerts Posted on Mon, April 18, 2016 14:24:02

Underground 118 could probably be called ROCK NIGHT as the line-up consists of some of the best rock bands currently
gigging in Hong Kong. Opening the show are arcade rockers The Sleeves, who are Brits based here and have supported
Gary Numan and Peaches in the past, among others. Second band is Still Mind, whose members include famous Hong Kong
musicians but prefer to keep the focus on their music by not telling us who they are! They will be showcasing their original
melodic alternative rock. Third up are party rock favourites Shotgun Politics who have just finished their first Japanese tour.
Last but not least we have Dowa Towo, an indie rock band who have remained quite mysterious in their bio info. So for a
good sampling of best of local ROCK on a Thursday night, see you at Underground 118 at Orange Peel on Thursday 19th

Underground 118
Thursday 19th May 2016
8:00pm – 11:30pm
Orange Peel Music Lounge, 2/F, 38-44 D’Aguilar St. Central
Bands: The Sleeves, Still Mind, Shotgun Politics & Dowa Towo
Advance tickets: HK$90
Door Tickets: HK$120
Includes one drink
Hotline: (852) 9486 4648

May 1: RockSchool’s Mayday Mayhem

Concerts Posted on Mon, May 03, 2010 14:02:10

So how’s everyone’s first Manic May Monday going?

Ya I know, boooo.

I think I’m just about recovered from our shinding at Rockschool on Saturday. Man what a night.

Sadly the turnout wasn’t overwhelming but nevertheless, we are all extremely grateful to everyone who did come, and were patient with the shows heavily delayed schedule to stay around and watch us play at the end. You guys rule.

So it was extremely awesome to take the stage again, It’s been too long a wait of going to shows and itching at the fact that it’s not us up there.

We played a 10 song set with three new songs thrown into the mix. I think they went down pretty well. Obviously thats for you guys to decide if they are any good or not but for the mean time we are pretty happy with them.

The gig was extremely fun to play, no doubt enhanced by the $250 open bar deal. Our gear was giving us a good little fight, but we managed to buckle down and overcome. Not without the help of our boys in In Love & Pain who came on stage to (continuously) repair Freddy’s kit, and lend me their guitar after I snapped a string our song New Years Day. We laugh about this as NYD is one of our softest songs. Murphy’s Law right?

One of my highlights has got to be, Rockschool himself Greg Tancer, coming up on stage and busting out a solo in our song Rush. WOW man, that guy can SERIOUSLY play guitar. Has to be done again Greg.

Anyway, next up we look to this coming Saturday to do it all again when we play with Bank Job and the Sleeves for the Xperience bar’s anniversary celebrations.

I leave you all now with what is currently my favourite pic of any member of the band.

Ladies and Gentleman ; Niall Gunn:


Upcoming : 8th October @ Backstage Live Restaurant – Global Battle of the Bands!

Concerts Posted on Mon, October 05, 2009 12:52:03

Hi Bff’s

So we’ve got another party Shotgun style happening this Thursday. Although we are not going to play a usual full sets worth of songs, we will still be performing at what is possibly our biggest show yet!

It’s all in the name of fun of course children!

We’ve only got the two songs to play, and rest assured we will be giving it our all for the full 8 minutes up there. Those of you who want the inside scoop, our two chosen songs that we shall battle with are ‘Niki Heartbreaker’ + ‘Rebel Radio’. We’ve done some minor tweaks to both, and are confident its for the best!

So the word on the street is, there is a combination of judges decision, audience votes and online votes which decide who will qualify from the heats to the HK final.

We aren’t completely sure that online voting should be part of the format for this competition so we are only asking for you to come down and show your support if you are free on the 8th! We’re back at Backstage which of course hosted our brilliant KA-POW! event, so we’re psyched to be taking to that stage again.

Entry is aHundredBucks, and you get to see three other bands:

– Cold Air Blue – an interesting blend of AltRock sounds.

– The Private Broadcast – Strikingly similar to ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’


– Nocturnal Rose – Who play a lot of Racer X covers.

If you do come out, come and say hi, we would love to meet whoever actually reads these things. =)


Backstage details:
1/F, 52-54 Wellington St

September 24 – San Miguel Showcase

Concerts Posted on Fri, September 25, 2009 20:57:19

Q: How do gay horses say hi?
A: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So last night was a classic Wanch evening gig. Messy+rammed+feedback, you know the usual.

In other words Friggin Amazing!!

We were surprised and naturally ecstatic to be on the same line up with Tai Tai Alibi and The David Bowie Knives. Both of which we always enjoy watching.

When it came to our set we had all sorts of difficulties, Guitars cutting out, playing the odd bum note here and there, Freddy demolishing drum apparatus (yet again). But you know what? Despite all this, it was easily the best gig we’ve played yet, for sure the most fun! Everyone in there was up for having a good time and listening to some good tunes.

It was the first time we got an encore request so that was an awesome feeling. Sadly due to our lack of songs, we were left with no option but to repeat one that was already played.

We do plan to take a bit of a break in November to polish off current songs that are in the pipeline and write more material to help rock the party.

Anyway, I’m absolutely shattered from the night still and am on my way to a great evening of greasy pizza and xbox on the couch. Then Sunday we go to Radiodada.

Pics and that should be on the way, so keep your eyes peeled on things like our Facebook page; in the mean time here is one that kind of captures the feel of the evening.

To all the new friends we met last night, thanks for all the kind words, good luck on your endeavors and we hope to see you sometime real soon!

On behalf of the SP gang – Timmy

August 7th – Wanch: Done!

Concerts Posted on Sun, August 09, 2009 15:32:40

Hello Internet User.

We are still all buzzing from a surprisingly great (if we may say so ourselves!) show at the Wanch this past Friday. We had a mammoth task ahead of ourselves. Niall and myself (Timmy) were both down and out from flus and such all throughout the week and had to play slightly under strength. We also were playing as opening act to the rock solid cover band 9th state. This meant having to engage an audience who had turned up to hear that good time rock’n’roll they all know and love.

At the end of our set we got a number of thumbs up from people we didn’t think would be interested in the slightest, so we must be doing something right!

Playing the Wanch again helped continue our growing love for the place and their Captain John who is nothing but kind to us. John offered us a monthly slot to which we gratefully accepted without a heart beat. It will be good to know we at least have one gig a month on our roster. We’re looking forward to what this means in terms of progress for our baby band.

Good times all around. We learned we could still play while under stregth and made some new friends. To those who were there, thank you very much for giving us and our music a chance and we will hope to see you there again! Shotgun Politics salutes you!


30 Jul 2009: at the Wanch

Concerts Posted on Sat, July 25, 2009 18:06:10

Hey all,

We’re signed on for The Wanch showcase on Thursday 30th July (at the Wanch, funnily enough)

We’re opening for Very Ape + One Arm Bear.

I realise its a lot to ask you guys to come to two shows on two consecutive nights, but if you are gonna be in the area on Thursday around 21.30, drop by, entry IS free!

Plus Very Ape are really skilled and One Arm Bear write real catchy songs!

See ya there maybe?