(editing post to reflect the actual gigs we had, instead of instructions to get to the gig)

This concert was at FNV livehouse, which I personally liked the most. A varied and interested crowd and a combo of local and international folks on/off stage. Would love to come back any day and have more of them ginger-beer-and-whiskey drinks!

It is beyond awesome setting out on our third tour (after Canada and Taiwan) to the majestic country of JAPAN! We hit three awesome livehouses in Tokyo and lived to tell the tale.

From Timmy:

The dust has settled from the ‪#‎tokyotransmissions‬ tour. It has been a whirlwind 4 nights in Tokyo. Touring is such a great experience for us and always pushes us to want to get better with many invaluable lessons learned. Thanks must be made to the bookers and crew of ANTIKNOCK, Live House FNV, Merry Go Round. Special thanks to Apryl, Yosuke & Ryuetsu for their continuous work in helping us get to Tokyo. To Decoluna for design work and Junko for translations. The bands and the audiences of each show, thank you for welcoming us and making us feel at home. Tokyo/ Japan we hope to return real soon. Sayonara!! (p.s new Hong Kong shows to be announced soon).