So how’s everyone’s first Manic May Monday going?

Ya I know, boooo.

I think I’m just about recovered from our shinding at Rockschool on Saturday. Man what a night.

Sadly the turnout wasn’t overwhelming but nevertheless, we are all extremely grateful to everyone who did come, and were patient with the shows heavily delayed schedule to stay around and watch us play at the end. You guys rule.

So it was extremely awesome to take the stage again, It’s been too long a wait of going to shows and itching at the fact that it’s not us up there.

We played a 10 song set with three new songs thrown into the mix. I think they went down pretty well. Obviously thats for you guys to decide if they are any good or not but for the mean time we are pretty happy with them.

The gig was extremely fun to play, no doubt enhanced by the $250 open bar deal. Our gear was giving us a good little fight, but we managed to buckle down and overcome. Not without the help of our boys in In Love & Pain who came on stage to (continuously) repair Freddy’s kit, and lend me their guitar after I snapped a string our song New Years Day. We laugh about this as NYD is one of our softest songs. Murphy’s Law right?

One of my highlights has got to be, Rockschool himself Greg Tancer, coming up on stage and busting out a solo in our song Rush. WOW man, that guy can SERIOUSLY play guitar. Has to be done again Greg.

Anyway, next up we look to this coming Saturday to do it all again when we play with Bank Job and the Sleeves for the Xperience bar’s anniversary celebrations.

I leave you all now with what is currently my favourite pic of any member of the band.

Ladies and Gentleman ; Niall Gunn: