Hi Bff’s

So we’ve got another party Shotgun style happening this Thursday. Although we are not going to play a usual full sets worth of songs, we will still be performing at what is possibly our biggest show yet!

It’s all in the name of fun of course children!

We’ve only got the two songs to play, and rest assured we will be giving it our all for the full 8 minutes up there. Those of you who want the inside scoop, our two chosen songs that we shall battle with are ‘Niki Heartbreaker’ + ‘Rebel Radio’. We’ve done some minor tweaks to both, and are confident its for the best!

So the word on the street is, there is a combination of judges decision, audience votes and online votes which decide who will qualify from the heats to the HK final.

We aren’t completely sure that online voting should be part of the format for this competition so we are only asking for you to come down and show your support if you are free on the 8th! We’re back at Backstage which of course hosted our brilliant KA-POW! event, so we’re psyched to be taking to that stage again.

Entry is aHundredBucks, and you get to see three other bands:

– Cold Air Blue – an interesting blend of AltRock sounds.

– The Private Broadcast – Strikingly similar to ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’


– Nocturnal Rose – Who play a lot of Racer X covers.

If you do come out, come and say hi, we would love to meet whoever actually reads these things. =)


Backstage details:
1/F, 52-54 Wellington St