Q: How do gay horses say hi?
A: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So last night was a classic Wanch evening gig. Messy+rammed+feedback, you know the usual.

In other words Friggin Amazing!!

We were surprised and naturally ecstatic to be on the same line up with Tai Tai Alibi and The David Bowie Knives. Both of which we always enjoy watching.

When it came to our set we had all sorts of difficulties, Guitars cutting out, playing the odd bum note here and there, Freddy demolishing drum apparatus (yet again). But you know what? Despite all this, it was easily the best gig we’ve played yet, for sure the most fun! Everyone in there was up for having a good time and listening to some good tunes.

It was the first time we got an encore request so that was an awesome feeling. Sadly due to our lack of songs, we were left with no option but to repeat one that was already played.

We do plan to take a bit of a break in November to polish off current songs that are in the pipeline and write more material to help rock the party.

Anyway, I’m absolutely shattered from the night still and am on my way to a great evening of greasy pizza and xbox on the couch. Then Sunday we go to Radiodada.

Pics and that should be on the way, so keep your eyes peeled on things like our Facebook page; in the mean time here is one that kind of captures the feel of the evening.

To all the new friends we met last night, thanks for all the kind words, good luck on your endeavors and we hope to see you sometime real soon!

On behalf of the SP gang – Timmy