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We are still all buzzing from a surprisingly great (if we may say so ourselves!) show at the Wanch this past Friday. We had a mammoth task ahead of ourselves. Niall and myself (Timmy) were both down and out from flus and such all throughout the week and had to play slightly under strength. We also were playing as opening act to the rock solid cover band 9th state. This meant having to engage an audience who had turned up to hear that good time rock’n’roll they all know and love.

At the end of our set we got a number of thumbs up from people we didn’t think would be interested in the slightest, so we must be doing something right!

Playing the Wanch again helped continue our growing love for the place and their Captain John who is nothing but kind to us. John offered us a monthly slot to which we gratefully accepted without a heart beat. It will be good to know we at least have one gig a month on our roster. We’re looking forward to what this means in terms of progress for our baby band.

Good times all around. We learned we could still play while under stregth and made some new friends. To those who were there, thank you very much for giving us and our music a chance and we will hope to see you there again! Shotgun Politics salutes you!